TV & Radio attribution

Attribute credit to your paid television & radio advertising

With Attribution you can also attribute to your paid television spend in your model. Attribution does this by deploying an 8 minute window to collect visits after your ad runs. Any visits that arrive within this window via direct traffic would be considered attributable to the paid TV ad. As with all ad platforms on your dashboard, TV Attribution would be blended with other touches to create your realistic multi-touch model. TV Attribution is an additional paid feature, please contact [email protected] if you're interested.


What's required: TV time CSV

For Attribution to properly track and provide return on ad spend for your television or radio ads we'll need to collect some data about it in CSV format described below. First row of CSV file must contain header with column names described below. Please send these logs to [email protected] with the subject TV Logs for [Your Company].


Important note on Date, Time & Timezone

The exact timestamp is important for proper TV/Radio attribution, since it depends on exact time when ad was shown or played. It's recommended to use ISO8601 format, if you don't have it or don't know how to build it use Date, Time and Timezone instead. Date and Time must be specified in timezone which is set in Timezone field, you can have different timezone per row/spot.

Column NameRequirementDescription
SpotIdoptionalUnique "spot id" - it's recommended to have this field set if possible, as it will allow to update data with further uploads.
ChannelrequiredThe top level channel name, e.g. TV Logs
GroupoptionalAdditional group name which would placed inside Channel and will contain Filter inside it, usually market or station name (e.g. National Broadcast)
FilterrequiredName of the filter used to descibe spot, usually ad or creative name, e.g. My Fancy TV Creative
ISO8601required/optional - required unless all Date, Time and Timezone are specificedFormat 2022-05-30T17:42:03Z
Daterequired/optional - required if ISO8601 field not setFormat YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2022-05-30)
Timerequired/optional - required if ISO8601 field not setFormat HH:MM:SS (e.g. 17:42:03)
Timezonerequired/optional - is required when ISO8601 field not setTimezone name in IANA format e.g. America/New_York
CostoptionalAd spend per spot, this must be specified in cents, if the cost is $15.00 - this field must have 1500 as value