Attribution app has created a Salesforce connector that easily allows you to add Leads and Opportunity Stages including Closed/Won) as conversion events, along with reported revenue.

If you have Salesforce, you can now connect Attribution app and see your Return on Ad Spend for each of your pipeline stages.

Salesforce Attribution app Connector Requirements


Your Salesforce edition must have REST API Access enabled that includes: Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Developer Edition or Performance Edition.


Attribution app checks for Lead's status and tracks them as events.

NOTE: In order for Lead tracking to work you must enable Lead Status History in Salesforce (Setup → Objects and Fields → Object Manager → Lead → Fields & Relationships → Set History Tracking finally check "Enable Lead History", check "Lead Status" and click "Save").

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Your Salesforce Opportunities will be automatically tracked and every Opportunity Status change is reflected as event in Attribution app. If an Opportunity has status Closed/Won and has an amount, it will be tracked as Revenue in Attribution app (for calculating Return on Ad Spend and Lifetime-Value)

Setting Up Attribution app for Salesforce

Note: Salesforce integration requires that you identify() users with email attribute set and matching your Salesforce lead or account email. Be sure you have completed the getting started steps before you connect your Salesforce account.

This includes 1. Placing the Tracking Code and 2. Identifying Users.

Step 1: Sign into Attribution app and Visit the Settings Page. Then scroll down and click the "Connect to Salesforce" button.

Step 2: Sign into Salesforce with your account credentials. Note, you are signing in directly on the Salesforce site, and if you have 2-factor authentication enabled, you will have to complete that step as well.

Step 3. You're all set! You should now see the confirmation dialog. Just click finish!

It will take about 15 minutes for your new Salesforce events to start populating in the dashboard.