Attribution app pulls campaign spend from Quora using UTM parameters

1. Make sure you have utm_parameters on your Quora ads

Quora Ads API doesn't support automagical tagging (e.g. write access), which means you will need to add UTM tags to your ads manually. Attribution app by default assumes that you use the following tagging scheme for your ads:


If you use a different parameter framework, you can update it later in the Dashboard so that it matches what you have in Quora.

2. Connect to Quora using Oauth

Connect Quora Ads to Attribution app by clicking the Settings icon in your Attribution app account in the top right corner. From there you can select Integrations in the left hand panel. Next, you can click the button to Connect Quora Ads. Follow instruction on the screen to complete the connection.

When the connection is complete, we will automatically create filters for your campaigns and add cost to your campaigns in the Dashboard.