Paths report

Find out how your visitors are getting to specific conversion events

The paths report provides marketers with an unattributed journey to a specific conversion event for every single tracked visitor. This helps to identify the key filters and channels ripe for optimization. You can get to the paths report my simply clicking 'paths' at the top of the nav bar.


Working with the paths report

To customize the path report you can adjust the date range, conversion event, aggregation, and more. By adjusting the toggles to the right of the page you can switch between filters and channels.


You can also download a CSV of the unattributed path report as well. This CSV can be used to audit against your raw database tools or conversion tools like CRMs, Stripe, or Recurly.

Aggregate vs individual paths

Finally you can adjust between the aggregate and individual paths by adjusting the toggle to the left of the page.

Aggregate will show you the most common paths to the specific conversion event.


Below you'll see an example of an aggregate report where majority of visitors between September 29th 2017 and October 28th 2017 reached the conversion event 'started trial' by first visits directly then getting hit by a retargeting ad.


If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact [email protected]