Overview of ad integrations

Learn how Attribution interacts with your ad platforms

Attribution does not use any model data from ad partners for building your dashboard!

Instead we rely on static values from your ad tools like spend, ad set, campaign ID etc. Along with this Attribution will often append a unique utm identifier to your ad URL. Attribution will only ever read data from your tools and will never write.

Getting spend from your ad accounts

When you integrate Attribution with one of your ad accounts, this will allow Attribution to automatically pull spend from the platform every 24hrs. The spend will then be added to your model for calculating return on ad spend depending on your specific customizations. Attribution will corroborate the spend with specific visits to build this model.

Tying together spend & visits

When you integrate Attribution with one of our ad partners this will also allow Attribution to automatically tag your ads with a unique tracking parameter. This will allow Attribution to know exactly which visit is related to every spend dollar.

For example, after connecting Attribution & Facebook ads, Attribution will automatically add a unique fbaid parameter to all of your campaigns. Then when a visitor is tracked and Attribution reads the destination URL as www.example.com/fbaid=Attribution_Unique_Code, it will know exactly where to assign credit in the model.

You can learn more about each integration's unique parameters in following articles. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to [email protected]