Learn how to install Attribution and Heap

Overview: how Attribution gets data from Heap

Attribution automatically collects campaign data from your advertising platforms to give your marketing team a central dashboard from which they can monitor and optimize their spend. Heap’s attribution integration provides the visit and conversion information that Attribution uses to determine the return on your advertising efforts.


Requirements for installing Heap & Attribution

  1. You must be using the heap.identify() method assigning a unique identifier to all visitors
  2. You must have conversion event(s) with an event property that represents the associated revenue if you plan to track revenue

Setting it up & completing the install

Ensure the Heap account has the two requirements above completed:

  1. heap.Identify() is properly installed

  2. You have a conversion event with a revenue property.

  3. Once that is complete. Attribution will create an S3 bucket to sync data with this IAM Policy to allow Heap to sync, update, and delete data

  4. Attribution will send the S3 bucket details over to Heap CSM and Solutions Engineer (Support)

5.Heap will enable Heap Connect S3 syncs to the respective S3 bucket. Data will be refreshed every 24 hours.
Note: The client pays Heap an ATB Integration fee to send data to ATB. Under the hood, this is
powered by Heap Connect S3. It is not our standard Connect package, it is just for use with ATB.
Attribution will ingest Heap data into the customer’s Attribution account
Customer will set up ad spend connectors in Attribution

6.Attribution will ingest Heap data into the customer’s Attribution account

7.Customer will set up ad spend connectors in Attribution

Using the integration

After configuration is completed, Heap visits and conversion data will be used in Attribution to track return on ad-spend. You will need to configure Attribution to connect to your advertising sources. If you need help, contact the Attribution support team at [email protected]