ETL for your Database

Properly loading Attribution exported data into your database of choice could be challenging because Attribution data is non-linear and you can't just ingest all exported data. Some of the exported tables needs to be truncated before every import, other tables need to loaded using UPSERT/MERGE logic because existing records could have been updated in addition to new records added. If process of loading isn't done correctly you could result in having incorrect data after you have loaded the exported files.

In order to address this challenge we offer additional ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) service which runs on our infrastructure and handles the whole process of delivering you the data right into your database in a proper way. This process requires you to give us access to your database as well as access to your cloud storage where the data is exported, that doesn't mean we will have access to you entire database or cloud storage but it's something you will need to handle with your security team. You can get more details on a level of access you need to provide to Attribution for ETL to work in more detailed doc below specific to your database.

Attribution data is exported once per day and so the load of the data is done once per day. The ETL process will perform next types of operations to deliver the data:

  • Connect to your database with credentials you provide to us.
  • Create schema structure needed to receive the data.
  • Load daily exported data into temporary tables from your cloud storage.
  • Run a series of SQL queries to make sure old records are deleted and only current records inserted into destination tables.

As the result of a daily ETL run you will have exact same copy of the data that is used by Attribution to build your Dashboard reports. With data delivered to you, your data analysts team can start working on building reports needed to answer your business questions.

Currently Attribution ETL service is available for next databases:

Please contact us if your database is not listed here, you would like to participate in a beta, or you have any other questions.