Attribution Path to Salesforce

The how-to guide to push the paths from Attribution into Salesforce

Attribution can send First Touch, Last Touch, or the full customer path up until a conversion event, to a custom field on a Contact or Lead in your Salesforce Account.


All Attribution needs to send data is:
The custom field under the Contact or Lead, What lead Stage change or Salesforce Activity to trigger sending the data, and ‘Lead History tracking’ enabled for your Salesforce account.

To enable please reach out to [email protected].


Attribution uses a trigger to send the customer path to Salesforce. This trigger can be various objects within Salesforce, the options are:

  • A Salesforce Stage change
  • A Salesforce Activity

Salesforce Field Destinations

For sending the Attribution customer path to Salesforce, the options are:

  • A custom field under the contact object
  • A custom field under the lead


Your Salesforce field names must match the options below:


The field name must match exactly i.e. these fields are case & punctuation sensitive


The field must be available under the ‘ContactHistory’ or ‘LeadHistory’. Outlined here:

To create a custom field, follow the Salesforce forum here:

Customer Path

When sending data over to Salesforce, Attribution can send the following data:

  • First touch
  • Last touch
  • Full customer path

A cut-off event is needed to identify the end of the customer path for the last touch or full customer path.


For Salesforce, the ‘Lead History tracking’ will need to be enabled to send data from Attribution to your Salesforce account.