Attribution app has created a HubSpot connector that easily allows you to add Leads and Deal Stages including Closed/Won) as conversion events, along with reported revenue.



You must have a Hubspot and an Attribution app account for Hubspot Attribution app. If you have not already, talk with Attribution Sales or Get a Demo.

If you have HubSpot, you can now connect Attribution app and see your Return on Ad Spend for each of your submissions and pipeline stages. Connect HubSpot from your account on the integrations page.

HubSpot Attribution app Connector Requirements

When you generate leads or create Contacts in HubSpot it is required that you identify() users with the email attribute set and matching your HubSpot Contact email. Please see the examples below.

If you have a universal user_id to pass:
Attribution.identify([userId], { email: "[email protected]" }, [callback]);

If you do not have a user_id to pass:
Attribution.identify({ email: "[email protected]" })

HubSpot Deal Tracking & Revenue

Once you connect your HubSpot account, your deals will be tracked automatically. Every deal state change is reflected as an event in Attribution app.

When a deal is marked 'closed: won' the value of that deal will be sent to Attribution app to calculate return on ad spend.