Attribution app has created a HubSpot connector that easily allows you to add Leads and Deal Stages (including Closed/Won) as conversion events, along with reported revenue.

If you use HubSpot, you can connect it to Attribution and automatically track Lead Lifecycle Stages, Deal Stage changes (with revenue) as conversions events which will help you built your Return on Ad Spend.

HubSpot is a multi-product platform which includes many components, Attribution has different level of integration with these components:

  1. HubSpot Contacts (Leads) & Deal - Attribution tracks any stage change as events, additionally revenue is tracked on Closed Won Deals;
  2. HubSpot Landing pages - Attribution is able to automatically install tracking snippet on your pages;
  3. HubSpot Forms - Attribution can automatically detect and track HubSpot Form submissions;
  4. HubSpot Live chat - Attribution can automatically track Leads captured from Live chat as well as chat interaction as events.


Not all HubSpot products are supported

HubSpot products other than listed above are not supported. Before connecting HubSpot integration please review which modules in HubSpot you're using and if they are covered by Attribution integration.

For example HubSpot Engagements (Calls, Emails, Meeting, Tasks) are not supported due to lack of HubSpot API functionality.

We do periodic checks on what data is possible to pull into Attribution from external source and might be in future we extend functionality of our existing integration.

HubSpot Forms & Live chat

Form and Live chat are only tracked automatically if used on HubSpot Landing pages. If you use Forms and/or Live chat on a website which is not HubSpot Landing pages - you will need to install Attribution tracking snippet and add options into snippet load() method to enable HubSpot Forms and Live Chat tracking:

Attribution.load("ATTRIBUTION_PROJECT_ID", { atbIntegrations: { hubspot: { load: true } } });

HubSpot Deal Tracking & Revenue

Once you connect your HubSpot account, your Deals will be tracked automatically. Every Deal State change is reflected as an event in Attribution.

When a Deal is marked as "closed won" the value of Amount field of that Deal will be sent to Attribution as revenue.

Installation Requirements when HubSpot Pages or Forms are not used

You will need to install Attribution tracking snippet and when capturing leads or create Contacts in HubSpot it is required that you identify() users on your website first with the email trait set and matching your HubSpot Contact email. Please see the example below:

Attribution.identify({ email: '[email protected]' });

Troubleshooting "Unknown Source"

A common case when connecting HubSpot Integration. You will see that many (or sometimes all) of your HubSpot events will end up filtered as "Unknown Source" - this might happen due to number of reasons, most common being:

  1. identify() call is not setup correctly and your are not identifying you visitors with email trait before they are created as Contacts in HubSpot, this leads to a condition when Attribution can't map anonymous visitor on a website to a Contact in HubSpot.
  2. HubSpot Contact was created manually - if this is the case Attribution would not be able to know if these visitors ever been on your website and as result there is no channel to filter events from these Contacts.
  3. Deals from Contacts that been created before Attribution Integration was connected. These are common for renewal Deals as well. e.g. your existing user base which wasn't previously tracked by Attribution.

Most of the cases above are possible to solve, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected] to workout a solution for you.