Company based Attribution

See return on ad spend on a company level rather than individual

In certain cases it may be more relevant to your team to see return on ad spend on a company rather than individual level.

For example, you may have one visitor sign up for a trial, then another may come back later to make the first payment. This is a common case with SaaS software where an intern may investigate a tool, but the admin has the final say.

In this case this conversion should be summed up to the company level rather than individual per user.

The screenshot below shows company based Attribution, where the spend, visits and conversions of the two users Info@sky and Matthew are summed into one company Sky


Note: company based attribution is a paid feature

Adjusting Identify() to acknowledge companyId

To begin using Company Based Attribution you must adjust your identify() calls to include a unique companyId parameter.

This can be anything you choose, but it must be unique as it will be used to tie visitors together.

Attribution.identify('your_userid_here', { 
  email: '[email protected]',
  firstName: 'Konstantin',
  CompanyId: '00812938', // this is how visitors will be tied together
  lastName: 'Pats',
  createdAt: new Date() // Note: Only do this once or specify exact datetime

Toggle on/off

You can toggle company based attribution on and off in model settings, see below:

1386 2378

In the example above the companyId 00812938 would be unique to the company and all visitors from that company would share this unique companyId.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to [email protected]