Shopify & Attribution app

Attribution has created a Shopify App that allows you to easily add the Attribution tracking code to your site.

If you want multi-touch attribution for your Shopify store, so that you can know your cost of acquisition and return on investment of your advertising campaigns, you need the Shopify Attribution app Connector.

The Shopify Attribution app Connector, when connected will install the required tracking snippet on your site, track the Order Completed event including revenue, and identify users to link actions and visits to a recognizable name or email address.

This is a one click install, and no other integration work is necessary!

NOTE: If you ALSO have a well-instrumented Segment implementation (with correct revenue data), you can use that instead if you choose. However, don't try and use both at the same time!

Get the Shopify Attribution Connector (FREE Trial)

Sign in to your Shopify store admin and then add the Attribution app Connector Shopify App for your store. You can get the Attribution app Connector in the Shopify App Store:

Step 1: Click Get to install the app in your store.


Step 2: If needed, enter your store URL (


Step 3: Click the Install App button.


Step 4: Click the Approve Charge button.


Step 5: Click the Open Attribution button. This will direct you to the app.


Step 6: Connect your Ad Accounts


Step 7: Invite Your Team


Step 8: Access Attribution from Shopify going forward (from your apps tab).


Since you authenticated through Shopify originally, you can also generate a password to sign in at by following the forgot password prompts on the sign in screen.