Release Notes

Version 22.1

Date: Jan 4th, 2021

👍 New Integrations

StackAdapt and ActiveCampaign integrations were released this month! Easily connect to pull in your ad spend, campaigns, user IDs, and/or revenue into Attribution.

Both integrations are in the beta phase with additional improvements coming in January & February.

If interested, please connect these integrations by following this video or feel free to reach out to [email protected].

🚀 Improvement

Attribution recently released the NEW Dashboard builder (formally called channel builder). Easily add unsegmented web traffic to your dashboard and attribution models with our new intuitive user experience.

Click here to check out your new Dashboard or watch this video showing the new experience.

✅ Fixed Issues

UI bug with excluding filters from the Dashboard was resolved.

Launching the new Data Export tool!

Date: Nov 29th, 2021

New Product Launch!

Launching our new offering for Data Export! Have all your marketing data exported to the cloud storage provider of your choice. Run advanced analytics on your company’s data from your preferred data analytic tool (such as Bigquery).

What differentiates Attribution’s Data Export tool is that the data is tracked on a visit level rather than a user level.

Allowing your data science team to easily segment your users and understand the customer journey.

Example use cases we have seen: "Which visitors spend the most over time and how much did it cost us in Google ads to get there?" or "Which type of our users generate the most MRR after accounting for advertising?".

Additionally, we are looking to expand the Data Export tool in 2022 with ETL capabilities and attribution analytics API.

If interested in enabling Attribution’s Data Export Tool, reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

Version: 21.11

Date: Aug 25th, 2021

👍 New Features

  • Released Single Sign-on capabilities for emails associated with Google accounts
  • If interested, please reach out to [email protected] for our Customer Success team to set up Single Sign-On for your account

✅ Fixed Issues

  • Dashboard loading page was delayed when logging in