Affiliates for affiliates

Learn how to use Attribution's affiliate tool as a affiliate marketer


This article is for affiliates! Not Attribution users!

Affiliates must be invited to have access to the affiliates dashboard. If you do not have access please contact your marketing clients.

Getting started -- how to get invited to your client's affiliate platform

To start using the Attribution affiliate platform you must be invited by your marketing client. Once you are invited an email will be sent to confirm and you will need to accept the terms & agreement. If you cannot find this email please ask your marketing client to resend the email.

Offers -- how to access them & what they are

After you've accessed the affiliate network you will presented with a number of offers from your marketing clients.


Offers contain the goals required to receive credit for a conversion from your marketing client. You can select an offer by clicking on the blue offer text. This will allow you to access the details of the offer.


Once inside the offer details page you will be able to see what is required for payout, the expiration, and the description of the offer. Along with this you'll also find your unique URL that should be used to receive credit as well as any creative material your marketing client has provided.
You can now grab this URL by clicking 'copy link' and start running your campaigns. The URL will contain unique parameters that will help Attribution know who deserves credit for visits

Payouts -- getting credit for the conversions you drove


How to receive credit for conversions

Please keep in mind you MUST meet all the conversion requirements and conditions to receive your payouts.

You will always be able to see how many clicks & conversions you've driven to your client's website by clicking the 'conversions' tab to the left of your affiliates dashboard. To see clicks simply click 'view clicks' in the top right corner.


After you've driven a few conversions you will then have the ability to receive payout. Payout is at the discretion of you marketing client and can include a 'payout locking' period in which case a payout cannot be made for a certain amount of days after the conversion event. This payout locking period will be explicit on the offer page.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to [email protected]